Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the updated chair.

I'm making time today to blog for an announcement...
I'm in school taking 10 hours working towards my PTA degree and having to make all A's.
I started working part-time at an outpatient Physical Therapy clinic.
Which means...I have LIMITED time to do anything now...
Which means photography is taking a third row seat, along with watching tv.
I'm more than excited about this change and thankful Jesus has timed everything perfectly and guided me in this direction through open doors and the desires he's placed in my heart. I love photography and hope to continue to capture awesome people and events, but honestly, I don't miss the time behind the computer. I went a week without opening my mac and it was glorious! I LOVE doing what I'm doing now--no computer or desk involved;). I love learning and working where I can meet new people every day and develop relationships with them. So, I will probably not be taking any clients because they would most likely not get their photos back until Christmas or Spring break next year..;) Feel free to email me if you happen to want just a few pictures done because I could probably handle that. I hope to pick it back up a little once this semester is over and my workload is slightly lighter. I'm also going to offer a very discounted session for people who want to book a session between now and Dec. 31 for this coming up spring/summer.

So, with that said, I did make time this weekend to finish a project that's loooong overdue...

It's almost been a year, and I've finally gotten around to redoing the rocking chair Jack gave me for Christmas. I had so many color/fabric combo ideas and just couldn't make a decision. I was going to go for a neutral-white look, but decided to spice it up with some color;) The chair needed lots of work and I honestly had no idea what I was doing...as you will see...

This is the chair before..


After some paint...


This was the hard part..what and how to cover the spring with...


I laid down a towel for some rigidness and three layers of batting...


I had alot of imperfections that needed hiding on this chair. So for to hide the ones on the front I turned the fabric wrong side and attached so that when I flipped it over the patterned side showed and looked seamless with the chair.



I couldn't get away with doing this on the back:(


So I had to think of a way to hide the staples...BRAIDS! This was really the only thing I could think to do. I had an excess of fabric on the edges of the back, so I cut strips from it and braided them across the back and glued the in place hiding the staples.


For the back cushion I just covered a board with batting and covered with fabric.


The sides had small wooden poles hammered into them. I'm assuming the helped secure the fabric that was previously there. I took those out and painted them and then nailed them over my fabric. I cut the excess and folded the ends under and glued them to the chair.



And the finished project...


She still needs some touching up with paint, but I like her.

I'm really surprised I had time to do this. I had to make myself complete this as it was wasting space in our place because it was unusable. Feel free to come by anytime and try her out;)