Thursday, February 26, 2009

playing house

So lately I've been very anxious when it comes to having my own house and being able to decorate it. I'm not sure why I have the sudden urge, but I'm loving dreaming up ideas and color schemes. I came across this today and it was pretty accurate. My personal style was 43% Nantucket, 29% Rustic Revival, and 28% Cottage Chic.

I love the clean look- lots of whites and khakis with bright colors brought in through accessories. I also love taking old thrift items and giving them a new life with a new look. One of my favorite blogs is by an artist here in Greenville, SC who does just that. Check it out here. Until we have a house, we are loving living in a blessing of a place that my parents own. It's allowing us to save some money and let us grow up more slowly:)

Our Humble Abode I'm not sure why i like this picture so much... Benson is 40lbs now! You'd think he was my child the way I always put pictures of him on here...I guess he is for now:)

For a good read about Thankfulness..go's good stuff!

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