Thursday, May 28, 2009


I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week has been pretty frustrating. I told myself this weekend that this week would be one of the most productive so far b/c really, it had to be in order to make room to work on some things coming up this weekend. Tuesday morning I checked our bank account b/c I hadn't checked it since last week. I was confused when I saw our checking balance and it said $0.00 and our savings $ first thought was "maybe I signed into someone else's account"..ha, i was wishing. My check card number had been stolen somehow online and someone was completely wiping us out. I called and went through several recordings before actually talking with a person only to find out we couldn't do anything until the charges posted, then we could file a claim, and I could call the places they were charging things and let them know and see if they will credit us back. ahhh! really?...sooo as the day went on I watched this person put us over $1900.00 in the red. Finally the bank stopped access of my debit card to our account yesterday....why couldn't they do that when I called a day earlier? So needless to say most of my time has been taken up with this junk so we can hopefully get it fixed before we run out of gas or milk:)

*if you buy a lot of things online the bank recommended getting a separate checking account strictly for those purchases...normally I would think that would be a hassel...but after all of this, I wouldn't think twice about it.*

For some happier news, my good friends Lauren and Megan are engaged! They were asked on the exact same day! how crazy! I'm really excited about their weddings and NOT having to take pictures at them!:) Megan has booked a sweet new venue in Greenville called ZEN. Future brides should definitely check this place out.

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