Monday, March 29, 2010

finished project...atlast.

I'm notorious for starting projects only to get halfway done, get bored, and quit...hmm, this reminds me of another area of my life unfortunately.
I love refurbishing furniture. I think I'm pretty good at seeing the potential in old pieces. I'm inspired by Knack and jealous she's doing this for a living! Anyways, here's the before and after and in between's. old piano bench



I used some leftover paint...vanilla wafer...*note: I recommend using a primer before painting


While the second coat was drying I started working on the seat of the bench. My grandmother gave me some spare fabric she had laying around. It looked vintage enough that I figured I could use it for something.


I wanted to add some interest to the seat, so I cut the fabric into strips..


Starting in the middle, I used a hot glue gun and began to glue the strips down (overlapping slightly) going towards one end. The strips on the other side of the middle strip overlap going towards the opposite side.



Once all the strips are glued down, I turned the seat over and trimmed the strips to the same length so I could staple them down easier.


Once my paint was dry, I got the sander out and sanded the edges...the sander got away from me on one side so I had to repaint it.


Once sanded, I went over the paint with a light stain. This gave the light paint an antique look.
You can't tell much from the picture but the far right is stained...


finished bench...



Coming next time I feel up for blogging..
Brennan's 1st Birthday


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The Rollins Family said...

That bench is incredible!!! You are so crafty.
I sure hope that we can all get together again soon!