Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brennan & Georgia • Greenville, sc baby photographer

Before Brennan had his first birthday, everyone celebrated early. Brennan received a new heart and it was successfully transplanted in December. He is now able to grow up at home instead of being in the hospital day in and day out. Such a blessing for this little guy and his family! Here are some shots from his Elmo birthday party.









In other news, I am a new mother to a sweet baby girl named Georgia!


We were on our way to the Masters very early Sunday morning. We were about 10 miles from the course when we came upon a black puppy in the road. We slowed to wait for it to move, but she just laid down in the road. We pulled over and that's when she stole my heart;). She was so scared and looked hurt, but we found out later it was just from being timid. We put her in the car but had no idea what we were going to do with her while we were at the Masters. Leaving her in the car on a hot day for a good 6 hours was not an option. So I began looking for fences while we drove. If we could find a fence to leave her in, we could pick her up on the way home. Lucky for us, we came to a Sunshine House daycare with a fenced in playground. There were large gaps in a lot of places in the fence but it was our only option. So we dropped her off and I just knew she was going to escape and make a run for it. When we left the golf course my stomach was in knots with anticipation. I just knew she was going to be gone and I would be left feeling guilty for leaving her and worried about her safety. When we drove up I expected to get out and look around for awhile until I'd have to accept that she was gone, but then Jack said "there she is"...I looked and didn't see her and got mad at him for joking about it! But then I saw her! She was exactly where we left her! So, we have a new addition to our family. Jack named her Georgia, obviously because we found her there. She's fighting some hook and round worm, but other than that she's pretty healthy. We think she's mostly lab with maybe some pitbull in her. We're crate training right now so pray we get some sleep and be expecting lots more pics of this one with her big bro Benson.



Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, Georgia is ADORABLE! And what a sweet story of how she became a member of your family :)

The Rollins Family said...

That little girl is soooo adorable! Georgia is a perfect name for her. Precious!

Parker said...

Georgia! What a lovely rescue story.