Thursday, April 16, 2009

Design • Before & After

Some of my favorite design blogs do posts called "Before & After". It's basically where they show a room or piece of furniture or random object and turn it into a stylish revived piece. This post was going to be a cool before and after, but unfortunately my husband accidentally deleted the before pictures, so this will just be an after.

I found this black headboard at thrift store for eight dollars. My dad is a genius woodworker in his spare time, so i like to make sure he always has a project;) He turned this headboard into a bench. I can only claim that I cut the board for the bottom, painted it, and bought the fabric and foam. I love the outcome!


This little guy got under the house while we were at work and found all types of things...The green fencing was what we put up this weekend so he couldn't get under it...didn't work.



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