Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas time is here! • Greenville, sc photographer

I love the holidays, and for the first time in a long time, I'm taking time to really enjoy it and get into the spirit. I bought sugar cookies tonight that I plan on decorating and I also want to bring back the tradition my grandmother and I had of making gingerbread houses.

I love making things and Christmas is the perfect time to make new things for gifts or decorations.
I can't wait to post some of my attempts this year...It will have to wait until after I've given the gifts.

We went early this year and got our tree at Ty-Lyn Plantation in Cashiers, NC. Last year we discovered that the trees look a lot smaller out in the field than they do in our house, so we went for a smaller one..almost too small, but it fits our house well;) I wanted the retro look with the big lights, but unfortunately got the neon colors so it just looks's still fun though.

(yes, that's a Dwight bobble head on the TV..)

I saw this at a store in Atlanta and had to replicate it...The letters were originally done with fabric, but I didn't feel like spending the money so I used wrapping paper...


Our Christmas cards this year...We took them ourselves..can you tell?


I even made a decoration for Benson...I used green and red felt to cut out the holly, sewed it together and pinned it on his collar.


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