Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lauren & Jim • Greenville, SC portrait photographer

Lauren is one of my best friends...We started hanging out around the 9th grade. She was one of those friends that you were so comfortable around. I would go over to her house anytime and we would just watch TV together...or like all 9th graders do, drive around in our cars because driving was sooo cool then;) We got in trouble a good bit together, got into things we shouldn't have, had TONS of fun, created lasting memories, and were going to room together at USC until I came to my senses and chose Clemson.;) We stayed close despite the distance and i love her to death!

Her and Jim have an awesome story of meeting. Lauren's last name is Storrie...(her mom's name is Rita, right?) Anyways, Lauren's parents went to Charlotte to buy a car. The salesman happened to be a guy named Jim Story. They liked him enough to tell Lauren about him..Long story short (ha), They met, hit it off, and are getting married!!! I'm so excited for them and curious to see if Lauren keeps her maiden name.;)

We met in Greenville one afternoon while they were in town to take some engagement/save the date pics.










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