Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Around this house things are tight. We usually have a rough idea of how we spend our money, but lately we've had to know exactly how we spend our money. Don't you hate it when you have your budget planned out to knowing exactly where every dollar should go and then something unexpected comes a friend's wedding. I'm all about getting/making meaningful gifts for people so when my husband's friend was getting married I starting thinking of an affordable but meaningful gift we could give them.

This is what I came up with...

I knew a common affordable gift would be to frame the actual wedding invitation...but I wanted to add something else to I thought shadow box! But what could I put in it other than the invitation? the program from the ceremony....maybe some details from the reception (I wouldn't take anything that would be considered stealing). The reception was so nice...but there wasn't a lot of options for things that could go in the shadow box...the wedding favors were candy..there were not paper napkins with their names on it. I knew I wanted to get some flowers if I could. Luckily there were rose petals spread out on a table. My intentions were to grab a few of those, dry them out and put them in the shadow box. Well, I forgot to grab some before we left, but luckily my husband's friend was in the wedding so I snagged his boutonniere and it worked perfectly..

I dried the rose petals in a book...just laid them flat in different pages..they probably should have stayed in there longer.


Finding the right shadow box was tough...I went to Hobby Lobby and the size I needed was arond $30...not a very affordable gift, especially not knowing what the shipping cost would to be send this. I kept looking and of course found something at Target-they never let me down. I found a 10x10 shadow box for 16.99. Not bad. I had to rig the back of it up with some fabric I found around the house..


Finished gift...


The cool thing about this is they can add things to it if they want...a picture, wedding announcement, etc.

Shipping was only $6

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