Monday, March 9, 2009

sneaker peeker

Sweet Caroliiiiiiiine.... da da da. My friend Caroline married her best friend Nick last weekend. This was my first time meeting him and I can see why she has fallen for him. He's such a servant! This wedding was very sweet and very laid back which I love! The rain had no effect on the bride's mood. It did have an effect on the different types of images we could get, but hey, I like a challenge I guess... the lighting and rain were definitely a challenge for this wedding. I've been working hard going through so many pictures that were taken, but I felt like it was time for a sneak peek. These images are from the beginning of the wedding...I'm just now getting to editing the reception...I told you we took tons of pictures!

Here's a few random ones...






Hopefully I'll be better about posting this week! My goal is to finish this wedding by next Monday so check back for more pictures!
Also, I may have a big announcement about some photography related things...
until then, Have a happy Monday!

p.s. Check out my friend Kristi's praying for the Tippings and their 6 babies!..yes, 6!

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